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This is an obvious fact that the news media organizations seem more interested in some events than in others. In addition, both countries have also developed an "Eye in the Sky" operation with Singapore and Thailand inby which they jointly carry out air patrols above the Strait.

Media coverage took an upward rush about approaching a flood during the Kargil struggle. The issue of cyberspace will be touched upon superficially as it is a huge topic in itself. Malacca Strait is handling 30 percent of world trade and 50 percent of crude oil transportation through more thanvessels every year.

The benefits some what outweighs the drawback or can be debated for a peculiar state of affairs or sort of operation. Then, it is demonstrated that in information warfare principles of just war are not considered. Security is the first and the foremost asset which needs to be provided to the people.

Piracy in the Southeast Asia in the 21st century Sea Piracy has become a concern since the time of sea travel become a possibility. These yearss media non merely gathers information on readying for the theater of operation but have gone a measure in front by airing possible schemes and tactics debated by military strategians.

There are a number of mediums from which people can pick and access information from such as TV, Internet, Radio, or cell phones. Land regulations for any operation should intent to forestall publication of inside informations that could endanger an operation or jeopardize the military personnels.

The units which are more nomadic or the 1s with freedom of mobility cover the operation in a much more realistic mode. Well, the full community of journalist s can non be placed under leery class for the inappropriate coverage or misbehaviors of few journalists.

The information generated by the media can act upon the people of the state and model the perceptual experience of a state. Twenty four into seven channels began churning the battleground in a Hunt for non merely the latest narratives but a series of narratives overshadowing the old one thereby eliciting public involvement and forming sentiments.

The media play a important function in projecting images and modeling perceptual experiences in the kingdom of foreign and defence policies. The newspapers, bulletins, brochures and the magazines are included in the print media, whereas the electronic media consists of the radio, television and other forms of communication.

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Thus employment of media by the commanding officer should be in a wise mode like non leting the media to roll in the battleground at free will due to the broad spectrum of their work experience. Star Television is managed by an Australian, who is supported by St.

Commanding officers need to be proactive in prosecuting the imperativeness instead than being reactive and therefore fring the chance to utilize the media instead than being used by the media. Finally, an country rich with possibilities for operational commanding officer is tackling the potency of media in garnering intelligence.

The media can be used as powerful force multiplier in accomplishing the aim by hiking the morale of our ain forces and people, as an agent of misrepresentation for the military, garnering valuable intelligence and heightening better construct up of situational consciousness, sustained psychological operation and eventually pass oning the aim and terminal province to the international community.

Piracy at sea typically involves more violence because crews are detained while the attackers ransack the vessel. Digital Media Essay. Digital Media. A national survey showed that hospital marketers anticipated a “ percent increase in the use of digital media by ” (Primacy News, ).

It has paved the way for an amalgamated globalized media network working towards bringing people together and exposing them to a wealth of. Nov 21,  · Security Threats Essay. Response and Improvement INTA National Security Policy Dr. Kevin P.

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Reynolds Texas A&M University Prepared by: Jason Jiménez Cyber Space and its Security Cyberspace, or the Internet as an interchangeable reference, is the electronic medium of computer networks and systems in which online communication and. With the recent growth of social media in the past ten years as a new staple in our modern culture, social media has also emerged as a growing threat to national security.

As the Internet and social media are constantly growing and changing, national security has lagged behind. This free Media essay on Essay: The impact of media is perfect for Media students to use as an example.

It has been seen and observed that the citizens become more sensible and skilled to shoulder their responsibility towards the nation and the society because of the media.

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National security is very important at every stage for a. A free international relations essay on the subject of defining the concept of security - view, print and download to help you with your studies. The third substrate refers to national security, defined as being linked to the state's monopoly over use of force in a given territory and as a substrate of security that emphasizes the military.

Media is a vast subject and how it can relate towards the national security, this paper only gives a brief overview of the role of media in the internal crisis situation and the recent developments relating to the issue and how military and media can work towards the overall security situation.

Media management towards national security media essay
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